All secrets you need to know to successfully invest in Junior Mining

With our resources, you will learn how to master and take full advantage of one of the world's most rewarding industries

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EXPLORADO is a specialized service dedicated at providing high-value information about the Junior Mining industry - and thus allowing its clients to be successfull investors.

We show you everything you need to succeed in one of the most interesting, profitable and yet little known industry sectors worldwide.

Our goal at EXPLORADO is to help you make gains on your investments that probably will be unmatched in comparison.

What is Junior Mining is all about? Find out in our video below (hint: it is not only about beautiful people :)

  How do we support you on your journey to become a successful Junior Mining Investor?

Rare knowledge - brought to you in a unique online course

The EXPLORADO MASTER CLASS is the first course available online that teaches the highly valuable skills of investing successfully in a one-of-a-kind industry

Personal support

Enrolled participants can exchange personally with our experts

Additional learning resources

We also provide news and intelligence that influence the junior mining sector, comment on and analyse metal market developments, and make available reports on hot topics like battery developments, geological insights etc.


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First of all: This course is unique. While there are sites that analyse junior mining firms (and some do it really excellent), there is no one who teaches the relevant knowledge that you should have in order to make INFORMED INVESTMENT DECISIONS. And we haven't heard of any other open online course that teaches you the secrets of junior mining investment. Almost nowhere else could you double or triple your investment and even beyond - yet no one teaches smart people the 'How to'. But we do!

  • EXPLORADO combines an online course with other, regularly updated and market insights and news, giving you the knowledge you need to succeed
  • Our expertise stems from the field - not only from desk-research
  • Learn strategies that maximise value for you in a high-risk / high-rewards environment - reap profits even when the exploration project will not become an actual mine
  • Individual support: Learn at your own pace! Get your individual questions answered.

Reality check: Tell us if you know another way to turn investment in Lithium into a 7.200% RoI  - within less than 3 years

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Entering the world of Junior Mining and investing there with unprecedented rates of return may seem complicated. This 5 step guide provides you with the basic information, strategy and mindset to start your journey to become a successful Junior Mining investor. 

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Entry into an Albanian copper mine

What's hidden inside? Discovering new deposits is what the exploration industry is about. For those who invest in the right companies, fortunes can be made. With Explorado, you will be transformed into a successful Junior Mining investor.