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Conflict of interest

Within the framework of the internet offer www.explorado-invest.com as well as on other news portals or social media websites, the publisher, its employees or contributing persons or companies publish journalistic works in the form of text, images, audio and video about companies, financial investments and material assets.

André Ufer expressly points out that the published articles are not financial analyses according to German capital market law. Nevertheless, André Ufer publishes existing conflicts of interest on a voluntary basis in the interest of the highest possible transparency vis-à-vis the users of the Internet offering.

André Ufer has taken organisational precautions for the prevention and disclosure of conflicts of interest which arise in connection with the creation and publication of contributions on the Internet offering www.explorado-invest.com his policy is binding for all companies involved and all contributors.

The following conflicts of interest can generally arise for André Ufer / Explorado in connection with the Internet offering www.explorado-invest.com

André Ufer may hold financial assets, tangible assets or directly related derivatives in the company or the matter reported on in the context of the Internet offerings of www.exporado-invest.com

The creator or persons or companies involved in the creation of the report may hold financial assets, tangible assets or directly related derivatives in the company or the matter reported on in the context of the Internet offering of www.explorado-invest.com

You can find out which conflicts of interest exist or existed at the time of publication of the respective article on the www.explorado.markets website by clicking on the link at the end of the respective article.

André Ufer / Explorado reserves the right to enter into or sell financial investments as long or short positions of companies or material assets reported on in the context of the Internet offer www.explorado-invest.com  at any time.

An increase in the price of the shares of the companies presented may lead to an increase in the assets of André Ufer / Explorado. This gives rise to a conflict of interest.

André Ufer / Explorado reserves the right to liquidate the above-mentioned financial positions in whole or in part at any time and to sell the corresponding securities. This may potentially result in price losses of the corresponding security and thus a loss of assets.