New and unique: Your online tutorial to unlock investments with a 1000% and beyond return potential

No technical background needed. Just your will to reap extraordinary benefits

Why where your investments unable to give you returns that can really improve your life?

Let's face it: Average rates of 3%, 5%, or 7.5%? hardly beat the inflation rate, and are not suited to provide you with substantial income increases.

The truth is: Most investment classes do not aim to give you higher return rates.

Some, like real estate might do, but you need high amounts of capital to start.

Others, like day trading require you to spend endless hours on the screen


But then you always hear how this guy has made a big shot on some investments, while the other guy became a crypto millionaire and so on.

And this is frustrating because many people, like you for instance, could make a good living out of their investments. But often they do not have 100k plus to invest in reals estate, or don't have hours per day to do day trading, or don't want to spend months learnig some new techniques that won't pay off.


There is someone that shows you how to tap into unparalleled investment returns - without the requirement to have tens of thousands of dollars of upfront investments? Without you needing to be a super IT-expert. And without you needing to spend a long time every day to watch charts moving.  

Here is our little secret, which we open up to you:


This groundbreaking course teaches you exiting skills in a few days, capable to bring on your most profitable investments.

It teaches you how to tap into the industry that is at the basis of almost everything that we do. An industry that is responsible that our society can work as we are used to. And an industry that...for this very reason, produces unparraleled rates of return.

And we provide you the skills to become a master in this industry without any pain.

Actually we think it is really fun too. Because you will understand things that few people do.

And you have the chance to be rewarded as few people will be.

'There is hardly another industry where companies can grow from a few million dollars in market capitaliaztion up to a few hundred million dollars when they do their job right' 

André Ufer, Founder of Explorado Invest

Through our unique course, investors now have the chance to participate in the massive profits that are generated due to the world's growing hunger for metals.  

In the video above, we talk about that Junior Miners can experience massive increases in the market cap when they find a deposit for gold, copper, cobalt - or any other metal or mineral the world urgently needs:

The share price below shows you how this works: It is from K92 Mining, an Austalian Junior Miner.  It has received the 2021 THAYER LINDSLEY EXPLORATION AWARD for the most remarkable exploration  for a deposit it has discovered in 2017/18.  

The graph below shows you when this discovery took place (red circle) and what happened to the value of K92 mining as consequence (second blue dot at the right hand side):

Within 3-4 years, the share price of K92 soared from below 50 cents in 2018 to 6 Euro and beyond in 2022!

While this is fantastic, the best is yet to come: In many cases you don't need to wait 4 years, 3 years...not even two years. Since explorers are working 24/7, results can show up quickly, and the market may respond immediately.


What you can see is the share price development of gold and silver explorer Blackrock Silver (no relations to Blackrock Fund Managers). They own a couple of properties in Nevada, one of the best locations to look for gold and silver. And throughout 2020, they did exceptionally well: Whenever they drilled, they basically found INDICATIONS CONFIRMING THE PRESENCE OF A HIGH-QUALITY SILVER DEPOSIT.

That was the reaction at the stock floors:

Between April and May 2020, the share price increased from around 10 cents to about one dollar! That is a classic 10-beggar!

The story is: Those investors who know how to navigate the waters of the JUNIOR MINING or EXPLORATION industry have extraordinary possibilities, period.

In the next 20 years, not only will a number of huge economies continue to grow. But also the world wants to transform into a less-carbon using system - and vast ammounts of mineral and metals are needed for this:

World Bank quote demand for battery metals


The simple answer is this one:



The World's First Online Course to Teach Investments into Junior Mining

                                                   3 Modules - 10 Chapters

           Conceptualized and written primarily for a non-technical                                                                   audience

                                               Eligible are all who are

                                                             Interested in profiting from a once-in-a-live opportunity

                                                       Willing to do SOME learning (sorry, we do not offer magic here)

                                                              Not giving a heck about average Returns on Investment

Step by Step

We take you by the hand: You will be introduced to this exiting industry from scratch. No previous expertise necessary. All aspects will be covered

Real World Examples

We are not making things up: Issues like drilling, economic analysis, feasibility studies, and the relationship between success in the field and growing share prices are explained with the use of real world examples.

Personal Consulting

We are here for you: Regular live chats with the Explorado Masterclass developer to clarify issues, questions and other queries you might have

Investment Strategies

We bring you from theory to practice: After you understand how junior miners work and what they do, we show you a number of investment options to apply your skills - which you can try right away

Increase your assets like you never thought is possible

As we explain in the video above, what we can use as leverage is the low market capitalization of Junior Miners when they are starting their search for new metal deposits. At that time, they are valued essentially for what they have - which is professional staff (a few), some drilling and research equipment, and the land lease which they explore.

This however is not some type of nerdy undertaking. Since the world is in such dire need for more metals and minerals, Junior Miners are absolutely relevant to keep our societies up and running. Absolutely relevant to produce more clean energy. Absolutely relevant to build anything, basically. Look at the graph below:

Increase in demand for battery metals from 2020 to 2050


Since there are fewer deposits for most types of metals available, and those deposits tend to have lower mineralization grades, every new find of sound quality will be loved by the markets If you live outside of Canada, or Australia, where most of these companies are listed, you might not be aware about that. could well be that the tight community of Junior Miner investors also doesn't want you to know. Because if a company hits a deposit....the share price can go ballistic as we explained above. 

Well, not every deposit will be good enough to become a mine you might say? And you are right. But trust us, with the right strategy, most deposits are still good enough to pay back good returns.

And some will pay back MASSIVE RETURNS.

Again: Your company starts being worth a few million dollars. And then it finds something which can be worth hundreds of million of dollars. What is going to happen to the share price?


Look at this other example: This is from a Canadian Explorer, doing some great work for copper-zing deposits in Fiji. We follow them since a while. They are doing a great job, but are still a bit away from buidling a mine. But just in spring 2023, they had some good exploration results on the ground, and this is what happened:

Share price Thunderstruck Resources 2023

The share price shot up from 4 cents to almost 30 cents within a FEW DAYS. We don't know if a mine will be built at this site, but had you invested a few thousand dollars in Thunderstruck a few weeks or months back - you would have cashed in right now, and probably you wouldn't mind what's going to happen in the future.

Enough of the talking now. We hope that facts a clear: You can gain a lot. But you must know how this works.

                                                           EXPLORADO is here to help you exactly with that.

Get instant access to EXPLORADO MASTER CLASS now!

Let us teach you a skill that few people possess. Learn high-value know-how in around two weeks. Enable yourself to receive hundred and hundreds of percent of return on your investment capital.


When we designed this course, we knew the topic could be overwhelming. After all, how many people know mining? And how many know about exploration? And drilling? And making sense of the whole process?

Well, our approach is this one:

1st, the potential rewards are just too high to be ignored. So...a little bit of learning will surely be worth it, no? And...we believe it will be interesting too. Hey, exploration is actually really interesting. It is adventure. It is modern treasure hunting!

2nd, it is not about knowing everything. You need to be able to understand the important things, the key mechanisms that move share prices of Juniors, and what you can expect from a project.

Think about teaching investors about automotives. You wouldn't teach them how an engine is built, and how a suspension works. But investors need to be able to understand if a car maker has a good future ahead of him - or not

Hence, we equip you with KNOWLEDGE YOU CAN APPLY.

Knowledge that makes you a top-gaining investor.

Not more, not less.


  • Module 1

  • Chapters

Module 1: Foundations for successful investors: Understanding the Junior Mining Industry

Learning goals: In this module, we take a deeper look at the mining industry, global metal markets and where junior mining is positioned therein: What metals are in demand over the next years, and how is the supply situation? What does this mean for the exploration industry, and how does exploration actually work? You will also learn how junior miners operate, and why they can achieve  unparalleled profit rates for investors.     

  • Module 2

  • Chapters

Module 2: Analysing & evaluating  junior mining companies and their projects


Learning goals: While there are 1000s of junior mining companies active around the globe, the essential skill of successful investors is to be able to assess the (future) value of their company and their projects.  This module equips participants with the knowledge to assess the potential value under ground, make sense of drilling results and understand the way of developing a deposit by increasing knowledge and confidence levels. The concepts are of a slightly more technical nature, but are key to enable investors to make profitable investment decisions.

  • Module 3

  • Chapters

Module 3: Putting your knowledge to work - master different investment strategies & options

Learning Goals: Knowledge is useless unless transformed into action: The goal of this module is to understand different investment strategies that fit to individual time and risk horizons. More importantly, we will show that risk can be reduced drastically when applying certain considerations.            

Dr. André Ufer  //  Course Developer

An international mining sector development specialist, who has travelled the world for the World Bank, the EU, and on behalf of several governments.In order to develop the mining industry in resource-rich countries, close collaboration with the exploration industry was the pillar of his work.

His insights of exploration led him to successfully invest in Junior Miners since many years. And, having a passion for teaching, André decided to pull together the knowledge that's necessary to succeed in this industry.

He has developed the World's first online course for Junior Mining investment, and made it accessible for everyone.

Now its your turn

Truly yours, André Ufer

Now you have seen that investment into Junior Mining can be very, and really very, profitable. Even lower rates in this industry, like 10%, 25% or 60% are take-aways that you will need to search for a long time in other areas.

But you have also seen that our course is not just some blabla how great this is, and how easy that is, plus a few gold bar pics. No, we are really covering all the essentials. 10 chapters that provide you the tools to become really a knowledgeable and successful investor. You always need to keep on learning, yes. But with the EXPLORADO MASTER CLASS,  you will be getting a really solid base to do that.

So: A course that presents a well-kept and highly profitable secret in 11 well digestable chapters - something you won't find anywhere else: How much could that cost, eh?

Knowledge has a price, and practicable knowledge that you can use to earn a lot of money should have a higher price. But we have made it our goal to provide this exiting opportunity to many many people, so we thought we'll be nice. Really nice. And this is why you get to enjoy this unique and only online course to master the skills of Junior Mining investing for just

Exclusive Deal

€ 299

One time payment

Exclusive knowledge that helps you to make your most profitable investments - for a price of flamboyant sneakers. LEAVE THE SNEAKERS AND GET HOLD OF THIS OPPORTUNITY TO BUILD REAL WEALTH NOW

  • More than 11 hours of course material
  • Real life examples
  • presented in a way that everyone can understand
  • Includes investment strategies and risk management


Yes, you were reading correctly. You can enter this classroom and transform yourselv into an highly successful investor who belongs to the chosen few that understand an industry in which you can increase your original investments by more than 10 times for a unique price of just € 299!                                              

The Best Time to Start Your Investor Carreer in Junior Mining is...Now!

Now that you are familiarized with the profitability of the Junior Mining Industry, the structure of the EXPLORADO MASTER CLASS and...our welcoming price policy, there is not much more that we could do for the moment.

It is now up to you to allow yourself to become a Junior-Mining master investor, with the knowledge and skills to invest and get returns similar to the ones we showed you above.

Don't let the chances bypass you. And don't let your friends take away the best stakes. Mining also has always been about timing too:


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel you are ready to make investments after you have taken part in the Masterclass, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

André Ufer

Frequently Asked Questions

I have never invested before. Is the course still for me?

Yes, because the course is for everyone who wants to achieve high and highest returns of investment in the future - independent of their past. We are covering investment techniques in a special session within the course

What if I have no background in mining or metals? Will I understand the content?

How many people who buy Apple or Tesla share have a background in programming or mechanical engineering? The minority. While this is not a direct requirement, we will cover everything that is relevant for you to understand the issues - and to make good investment decisions. You will become a mining and metal expert en passant :)

What is the time requirement for the course?

This is totally up to you. We cover all material in 10 chapters, with almost 11 hours of teaching. Many students cover chose to cover one chapter per day, others take one, two or three over the weekend. So some time committment is required, but it takes much less time than to develop a voice that is able to sing in public.

When will I be able to do my first investment?

As soon as you feel comfortable. Some pick a few companies and follow them a while to test their knowledge without putting money, others start with a small amount for real. There are many options. However, in general, time pressure should never be an advisor in investment decisions.

What if I really don't understand an issue?

The course will be accompanied by personal sessions with the Explorado team where you can pose any question in a life call.

What material will I get?

You will receive the all slides used in the lessons (of which there are hundreds of pages) and other course material we have developed. Also, you can watch individual or all lessons as often as you would like. There is no limit for this.  

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