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What Explorado is about: Successfull investing – in the Junior Mining Industry

Junior Mining Investment = High Profit Investment (if you know how to play the game)

Admittedly, the introducing picture does not play too much with the image of junior mining, but it does show what I want my clients (also) to be: Successfull investors, who are confident how to navigate the promising waters of junior mining investments.

These people are on the lookout: Exploration drilling

Junior Mining is about looking for deposits of minerals and metals. Basically, it is professionalized treasure hunting.

Yes, treasures are still being hunted. It still can be gold. But also copper. Nickel. Zinc. And all those minerals and metals that make modern life go round: Tungsten, lithium, aluminium (which is based on bauxite, by the way).

Profit from the World’s Hunger for Metals

Source: Visual Capitalist

As a matter of fact, our modern life requires much more high-tech metals than ever before. In the picture above, you can see how many minerals and metals go into a single electric vehicle (EV) battery. And the US and EU want to bring between 20-40 million EVs onto their roads by 2035. Independent of the fact that this is hardly feasible, you can have a minute of fun and do the math: The planning games of politics around the energy and transport transformation will require massive and unprecedented investments into those minerals and metals. In other words: The world needs more metals, and those become increasingly more difficult to find. Simple economics tells us that if demand increases and supply shrinks, the prices will go up. And not only for the metals, but also for those that find them. The Junior Miners. And this the reward we are looking at: Super-profits for investors that put tsome of their money into successful exploration firms


The goal of Explorado is to help investors and potential investors know more about the very industry which makes all this possible: It is an industry where firms are rewarded when they find….well, a treasure.

Because where is all that stuff that we need coming from? From a mine, you might say – and you would be right.

But if societies need more metals as they advance (and more if they grow from subsistence level to middle-income as well), the mines will be depleted some day, no?

Yes. Exactly. Which brings us back to the treasure hunters. There must be people – organized in firms today, which are on the lookout for these modern treasures. And these trasure hunting firms are called Junior Miners or Exploration Firms.

Exploration Defined:

‘Geological exploration is the process of finding commercially viable mineral resource and the objective is to locate it in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost.’

Source: Scienece Direct

Source: Nautilus Consulting

So, why is that such a big thing, you might ask? Except that it is somewhat romantic, or adventurous?

Well…it is a big thing because it is very; and I mean very; difficult. Because the earth doesn’t reveal its treasures easily. It never has. But remember that old stories from the gold rushes somewehere in Alaska and the Yukon where people found actually nuggets? Meaning stones that were pure gold! Well, rest assured, these times are long gone.

Often, the mineralized layers (or veins) are covered under many meters of overburden and soil. You simply have no real clue what type of mineral is below you. And in what quantity. And in what quality. And where precisely those layers and veins are.

Ok, this is getting complicated, but I hope you got the story. You need specialists to do that. And knowledge. And time. And the right territorry.

Look at the dark red areas. This is the ore body 🙂

So then….experts from an exploration company are on the lookout for minerals. And if they find something, they will check and assess if a mine can be built. And then….a mine will be built, and society will have a new feedstock of metals for the next years to come. We can use the mine to power our lifes and dreams.

I personally believe this is super exiting. Because exploration creates assets seemingly out of nowhere. And by putting together information from the ground, the soil, the subsoil and from drilling, you suddenly understand what’s below you.

With EXPLORADO, my aim is to share this exitement. But there is more: Because if companies hit something big, THEIR SHARE PRICE IS GOING TO EXPLODE!

Highest-Profit Investments:

Have a look at the chart above, for instance. The share price of this explorer (Patriot Battery Metals) went from around 10 cents to almost 12 dollars! Patriot Battery Metals is exploring and developing lithium deposits. As this article has mentioned further above, lithium is one of the key metals to get energy from electricity / batteries, rather than from fossil sources.

But there are a few secrets to striking it that big. Which company? Which metal? And when to buy? And when to sell?

How much do you think their prices goes up when they are successful? Well…there is practically no limit. Insane amounts have been made if you know how to play the game (and when not to play).

At EXPLORADO, the goal is to teach everyone who is interested the facts behind that industry, and how YOU CAN BECOME A SUCCESSFUL JUNIOR MINING INVESTOR.

We have put together a 10 chapter online course, as well as additional learning resources that look at metal markets, future developments that need specific metals urgently etc etc.

I am exited about the fact that we have developed the first true online source to learn all about the xploration industry, AND HOW TO PROFIT FROM IT.

I hope you are (or will become) exited too. Stay tuned,

Truly yours,

Andre Ufer, Founder of Explorado Invest